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Gambling – Path to Ruin

Like other destructive things that people say is ‘good’, the consequences and negative effects of gambling are ‘not good’; Gambling can easily become addictive and destructive. Budgets are ruined when individuals and families go down the path of gambling. So, how do you see gambling? If you become addicted to it, what effect will it have on your overall well-being and financial well-being in particular? Maybe you will ‘win’, but consider some behaviors, consequences, and negative effects of gambling – before you start or go down further the path of ruin:

If you have a gambling addiction, you may display some or all of the following behaviors:

  • Obsessing over any type of gambling

  • Gambling to feel better about life

  • Failing to control your gambling

  • Avoiding work or other commitments to gamble

  • Neglecting bills and expenses and using the money for gambling

  • Selling possessions to gamble

  • Stealing money to gamble

  • Lying about your gambling habit

  • Feeling guilty after a gambling session

  • Taking bigger and bigger risks while gambling

You may also experience the following consequences from your gambling addiction:

  • Disintegrating relationships or friendships

  • Loss of house, job, car, or other personal possessions


The negative effects of problem gambling include:

  • Financial problems including high debt, poverty, or bankruptcy

  • Domestic violence and child abuse in families

  • Suicidal thoughts, attempts, or the act of suicide

  • Legal troubles, including arrests for theft or prostitution

  • Behavior problems in children of problem gamblers

  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders

  • Loss of relationships with friends and family

  • A decline in performance at work or school

  • Suicide and death

  • A risk for drug or alcohol abuse



  • Are you willing to not gamble?

  • Are you able to not gamble?

  • What do have any of the noted behaviors exhibited by someone who has a gambling addiction?

  • Have you experienced any of the noted consequences or negative effects of a gambling addiction?

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