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Pornography – Path to Destruction

The destructive effects of pornography on everything

The effects of pornography are addictive and destructive, to you, your spouse, your children, your family, your neighbors, to society, to every human being. Budgets are also destroyed when individuals and families are taken down by pornography. So, be clear about the destructive effects of pornography. If you want serious, prosperous, long-term financial well-being, then you need to be on board with this, and seek assistance if needed. If not, you, your financial well-being, and your relationships are at risk. Tunabudget believes there is no good in pornography. Consider the following quotes on pornography from various sources; how do you think pornography would hurt your financial well-being?

Pornography and its Consequences

Source: Opinion, July 31, 2014

Pornography and the Family

  • Pornography viewing leads to a loss of interest in good family relations

  • Married men who are involved in pornography feel less satisfied with their conjugal relations and less emotionally attached to their wives

  • Pornography use is a pathway to infidelity and divorce, and is frequently a major factor in these family disasters

Pornography and the Individual

  • Pornography is addictive, and neuroscientists are beginning to map the biological substrate of this addiction

  • Users tend to become desensitized to and bored with the type of pornography they use, seeking more perverse forms of sexual imagery

  • Men who view pornography regularly have a higher tolerance for abnormal sexuality, including rape, sexual aggression, and sexual promiscuity

  • Prolonged consumption of pornography by men produces notions of women as commodities or as "sex objects

  • Pornography engenders greater sexual permissiveness, leading to a greater risk of out-of-wedlock births and STDs

  • Child-sex offenders are more likely to view pornography regularly or to be involved in its distribution

  • Pornography changes the habits of the mind, and its use can easily become habitual, leading to desensitization, boredom, distorted views of reality, and an objectification of women (and of men)

Pornography and the Community

  • The presence of sexually-oriented businesses significantly harms the surrounding community, leading to increases in crime and decreases in property values

  • Pornography viewing and sexual offense are inextricably linked

  • There is a connection between the consumption of violent pornography with behavioral aggression and the incidence of rape

  • Today's media-saturated society has made it much harder for parents to protect their children from pornography

  • The growth of digital media and the internet have allowed pornographers to harness technology for their own profits

  • Studies have shown that individuals who were convicted of the collection and distribution of internet child pornography had also committed an average of over thirteen different child sex abuses

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


  • Pornography consists in removing real or simulated sexual acts from the intimacy of the partners, in order to display them deliberately to third parties

  • It offends against chastity because it perverts the conjugal act, the intimate giving of spouses to each other

  • It does grave injury to the dignity of its participants (actors, vendors, the public), since each one becomes an object of base pleasure and illicit profit for others

  • It immerses all who are involved in the illusion of a fantasy world

  • It is a grave offense

  • Civil authorities should prevent the production and distribution of pornographic materials.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

  • Pornography is any material depicting or describing the human body or sexual conduct in a way that arouses sexual feelings

  • It is distributed through many media, including magazines, books, television, movies, music, and the Internet

  • It is as harmful to the spirit as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are to the body

  • Pornography is tragically addictive

  • Like other addictions, it leads people to experiment and to seek more powerful stimulations

  • If you experiment with it and allow yourself to remain caught in its trap, it will destroy you, degrading your mind, heart, and spirit

  • It will rob you of self-respect and of your sense of the beauties of life

  • It will tear you down and lead you to evil thoughts and possibly evil actions

  • It will cause terrible damage to your family relationships.


  • Do you understand the destructive effects of pornography?

  • And your personal opinion of pornography is?

  • Are you addicted?

  • Will you seek appropriate help?

  • Or, will you not?

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