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Thankfulness – Success, Hands Down

Will being thankful really improve one’s financial well-being?

Does being a thankful person have an effect on your financial well-being? Is that even possible? Tunabudget believes that your positive-thankful attitude will have a material effect not only on your financial well-being, but also on everyone else’s financial well-being too.

Cough-up a little ‘thank you’, could you?

So, do a self-check. Do you have a genuine spirit of gratefulness in and for everything? Why not? This is one of those things that you can change right now. Maybe start with an expression of gratitude to the next person you see. Just say a simple “thank you”, and smile, and really mean and express it. Do it for a whole day. If that’s too hard, how about just for the next hour? Still too hard? How about for the next five minutes or to the next person you see?

Being ‘thankful’ is a choice you can do now – try an experiment?

Figure out a way to ‘get gratitude’ into your heart. Maybe you could write it down on a piece of paper or in a journal or something, and give it a try. Besides changing your own outlook on life, what will it really do for the person to whom you express sincere appreciation? Because thankfulness isn’t widely used nowadays, Tunabudget also believes if you express gratitude as part of your life, you will ‘make other people’s day’. They will know your thankfulness is real because they will see it in your smile, notice a little eye contact, and maybe the extra words you used to show it was from your heart. For example, the next time you’re in a grocery store or restaurant, and you’ve been served, just tell the person something like “you’re awesome, thanks so much for your ‘excellent’ work”! But don’t stop there. Take another quick minute out of your busy schedule to ask someone to speak with the manager; usually there’s one that is just a few seconds away. Tell them how much you appreciate the ‘outstanding’ work of ‘so and so’, and if they’d please personally and directly pass along your thanks to that certain employee.

Being thankful fosters goodwill and positively affects financial well-being

Do you not realize what you will have done, the amount of good-will you have fostered and are personally responsible for? Take your own job for example. When did your boss last approach you and express appreciation for a job well done, as noted by a customer? You will not only make the manager very happy (because hardly anyone takes the time to express thanks like that – it’s usually some sort of complaint, right?), but the manager will better appreciate the employee. And when the employee is given that recognition by the manager, the employee will be on ‘cloud nine’. He or she will pick up their step, perform their duties with more enthusiasm than ever before, and tell their family what happened at work today. It will have lifted the spirits of the entire family. And, it likely will have a positive effect on their financial well-being, right?

Want to at least feel like a million bucks?

And, for you, as you walk out the door of that store or restaurant, how will you feel - like a million bucks? You’ll even say hello with a smile to the next person who walks past you, and you won’t believe the new you. And that person’s day will become a little brighter too. And so, it will go. The spirit of goodwill and thankfulness will spread, little by little, to these individuals, your family, and the entire community. This goodwill will also show up in your attitude at your own work, and it will be bound to show up in your paycheck – sooner or later. Finally, Tunabudget believes you probably won’t even care if you made a million bucks, because you’re going to feel like you had a million bucks. But the budget worksheet will show improvement; it loves this stuff, so do creditors. Do it over and over, again and again, every day, and soon enough it will change your whole life, your spouse and children, and other’s financial well-being for the better.


  • So, are you too big person that you can’t express a little appreciation to someone else?

  • Are you willing to change?

  • Want to try expressing thanks to someone at the grocery store or restaurant, and to that individual’s manager too?

  • Do you want to feel like a million bucks, today? If not today, will you try it tomorrow?

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