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tunabudget - sharing best practices with each other


Tunabudget Candid Conversation Memos (CCMs)


Tunabudget consists of on-line postings on relevant topics pertaining to the human side of an individual’s and family’s financial well-being. The publications, called Candid Conversation Memos, will use candor and thought-provoking candid questions. Every Tunabudget CCM is fully intended and written such as to in no way be offensive or cause any material level of consternation for its readers and subscribers. If Tunabudget determines any CCM is contentious or otherwise in error, Tunabudget will remediate the posting immediately. Tunabudget reserves the right to make that final determination, however. 


Tunabudget Subscriber Contributions


Tunabudget subscribers are welcome and encouraged to respond to Tunabudget CCMs by sharing their own stories, lessons-learned, best practices, and examples. Tunabudget will select and share appropriate submissions for online publication for subscribers regularly. The ‘best in class’ examples will illustrate how individuals and families have dealt with their own human side experience for their own financial well-being. The CCMs will be highly valuable and help other subscribers to better understand how their fellow travelers improved their own financial well-being. These shared experiences will also serve as the basis for study and research by Tunabudget for future publications.


Tunabudget Marketplace Surveys


Tunabudget believes the marketplace has superior ideas and topics that are just as or even more relevant to individuals and families, and earnestly seeks to learn from the marketplace. Tunabudget will also offer a “What’s Important to You, and Why?” feature to listen to the marketplace and ensure topic relevancy for future CCMs. Online viewers are encouraged to select important topics to themselves, and explain why they are important to them. Tunabudget will make every effort to prepare CCMs that are thought provoking, along with candid questions that address the topics selected by the marketplace.


Annual Best Practices Publications


Tunabudget also consists of an annual publication of the top topics that affect you, your loved ones and family. The publications will include Tunabudget’s new Candid Conversation Memos, and will capture summaries of the marketplace’s finest responses. It is possible that such publications will eventually be made available semi-annually or even quarterly.

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