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Stuff – Way too Much, So Share It Away

Too much stuff?

Millions, perhaps billions of people have hardly anything, or very little. They’d be grateful to have even the basic necessities of life. They need your help, and there are many ways to do so. On the other hand, many people have too much stuff – way too much. In many places, you can drive down the street and see a garage that’s packed with so much stuff the vehicles cannot be parked inside. The rest of the house probably is in a similar condition. Having so much stuff must give people a sense of security or something. So, what’s to be done? In short, there is way too much clutter, or stuff.

Share it away; the good stuff – for free

It’s called “share it away”; freely sharing good stuff with others. Not throwing it away, or even selling it, but how about just sharing it with others, anyone – for free? Could it really be listed or given away as “free” out on the corner of the street? This is the ‘good’ stuff that has value, stuff people would really want. Yes, that’s right, especially the good stuff. Surely, there’s someone who could use something you have that you’re really not needing, or should or could get rid of. Tunabudget believes that if you shared it away, for free, that this is a valid option for getting rid of too much stuff. Why? Because it shows you can actually let go of your own stuff – and not ‘covet’ more and more stuff. Plus, think how it will make you feel to share something of real value (not just the junk stuff, but really decent stuff). And when you set it out there for free, you never know who’s going to get it. That’s real sharing; it has a caring element to it because it is stuff that has value. And, the recipient will be blessed by a generous person who sees a bigger picture. Sure, they may just turn around and sell it, but so what? What would happen if more and more people actually shared their good ‘stuff’, like maybe you could and should. What if everyone started to freely share their stuff, and ‘sharing it away’ became a commonplace practice, instead of always selling the good stuff?

Clear it all out; less anxiety and stress

So, we’re talking about completely cleaning out the garage, storage shed, and the basement. Let’s not stop there. How about the kitchen, all the closets, under the beds, below the bathroom sinks, etc. Getting rid of just about everything; pretend you’re moving into a new home and starting over. It’s a restoration of your life, by keeping it really simple where everything is clean and beautiful; could it be possible, and simple too? Yep. Why? Because stuff takes up your time, space in your heart and mind, and can make you go blind to what’s really important in life. If you’re inclined to sell your stuff, go ahead and try it. Try getting rid of all your stuff by posting ads, and in the end, you end up with a few hundred dollars for all that work. And, you still have tons and tons of stuff all around. Make it simple and quick. Get rid of it by sharing it away. It will only take a couple of weekends to share it away, because you have way too much stuff and to sell it, it will never happen. Nobody wants your junk. Face it. It’s worthless, or not nearly as much as you might think. The more you think you have to put a price tag on it, the longer it will take to get rid of; it may take weeks if not months to get rid of it. So, change your mind and heart and get charitable, and avoid all the hassle. You need to get this done, and not draw it out forever. Think like you’ve got just 10 days to clear house, garage, basement, etc. Seriously, why not make this stuff-event just a week or two events at most? Think about it, it’s just stuff. See why it’s better to just share it away? As you do this, you’ll see that people will likely be really surprised, if not shocked – that you’re actually sharing away good stuff. Too much stuff takes up so much time and money, and it also unnecessarily adds to the anxiety and stress that we really don’t realize is even there until we actually get rid of the stuff – so, share it away, like now.

Clear as an open-house or a new model home; time for more important things?

To be clear, to really understand how much stuff you actually have, just envision yourself going to new model home open-house. The place is beautiful and has some basic furniture, but it’s not packed to the hilt, right? That gives you a clear idea of what starting over looks like. What does your place look like, comparatively speaking? Of course, it’s not a total valid comparison but the closer you can get to seeing how much stuff you have, the better. Because getting rid of your stuff, your baggage, this will free up time and create energy to do many new great and important things that you never dreamed were possible; you simply can’t fully realize your new potential until you share away your stuff. Other than a couple of weekends, it shouldn’t cost you much to share it away. And other people’s lives will have been blessed because of you – maybe more than you’ll ever know.


  • Do you understand what sharing away your stuff means?

  • Are you willing to do it, to the level where your stuff is finally gone?

  • Are you on the other end where you wished those people that had good stuff, would share it away, with you?

  • How do you think it feels to share good stuff with others, perhaps with those not so fortunate like yourself?

  • Where might you go to find people with whom you could share away your stuff?

  • Do you covet your stuff?

  • How old, really, is your stuff?

  • What is really mentally or emotionally connecting you to your stuff?

  • Will you share away your stuff over a 10-day period?

  • What if everybody shared-away their good stuff?

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