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Reel in Your Budget Goals

Tuna Budget helps you reel in savings, manage finances smartly, and achieve goals with ease. Dive into better budgeting today!


About Us

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First things first. Tunabudget is NOT a show, entertainment venue (although some may think otherwise), is not 'all about its contributors,' seeks zero recognition, but just wants to do a little good other there - with and by very, very, ordinary and regular people just like you. We sincerely hope you and your friends will find value: personally, family-wise, and professionally. The platform offers the Tunabudget Worksheet Plan, and Candid Conversations Memos on dozens of topics, including new topics that interest you.

Tunabudget Worksheep Plan

The Tunabudget Worksheet Plan is simple, exceptionally powerful, and life changing. It's free, personal, and effective with creditors when debt repayments need to be renegotiated (and they will). Your plan will enable you (and your spouse) to see what changes you'll need to be making, unleasing the excitement and power of your own solutions. Your life, your marriage, your family, are set to become stable and well, as your personal finances are propertly and adequately managed.


Conversation Memos

Tunabudget's podcast platform has dozens of CCMs that come from the passion of someone's heart, not from the brain of a know-it-all expert on TV, celebrity or PH.D. (never will allow that to happen). Tunabudget is a safe place to learn from your friends, even anonymously. Only 'genuinely intentioned' CCMs will be posted and podcasted. So, whether you're an interested reader, listener, or would like to submit your own CCM, here's a sincere welcome to you to the tunabudget family.


Subscribe / Notices

To actively participate with, please subscribe. We invite you into the tunabudget family of friends. For those that want to contribute (CCM's) to, please be sincere, care about others, be repectful, etc. We're so glad you're here! 

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If you're looking for a little common-sense from the 'average person' out there, you've come to the right place.

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Tunabudget Candid Conversation Memo?

I have a NEW CCM TOPIC that needs attention! I'll explain why this is very important to me.

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