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Subscribers are encouraged to share their own stories, lessons-learned, best practices, and examples. By submitting your remittance, you give permission for to publish it for online publication at Use only your first name, last initial, state or country. The 'best in class' examples will illustrate how individuals and families dealt with their own human side experience as to getting their own financial well-being.

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Tuna Budget New (5).png
Tuna Budget New (5).png
Tuna Budget New (5).png

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Tuna Budget New (5).png


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Tuna Budget New (5).png


Tuna Budget Worksheet

Tunabudget is your own simple budget plan worksheet or tool (“worksheet”). The worksheet is simple. Use the downloadable spread-sheet on this site as a boiler-plate template for your own worksheet. Simply change the titles, dates and amounts to fit your needs. It primarily is a spreadsheet where all your (household) income is pre-spent on a single sheet of paper, paycheck by paycheck, for one to two years. All estimated expenses, debts, and costs are paid for using the estimated income on the spreadsheet. The worksheet is reviewed regularly and enables you to identify for you (and your companion) where you’ve been financially, where you’re at today, where you’re going for the next year or so. The worksheet tool is the HOW TO get to where you want or must be, financially – and, in one piece. And when such internal recognition takes place (because you actually filled out the worksheet), you will quickly understand and know from ‘within’ what changes in life must take place, be it for yourself, as a parent(s), as a spouse(s), and even with creditors. Your worksheet will clearly bring peace of mind and a strong sense of purpose, because you will have taken ownership of your current and future financial well-being. For you, it may become the most effective budget plan ever. It is completely private, simple to use, always in draft form, free of any material cost, and very, very powerful.

The worksheet will also strengthen your marriage and family relationships, help satisfy creditors by finding the best debt repayment solutions, get and stay out of debt, save money, and become more financially secure and self-reliant. Bottom line, it allows you to see and understand more clearly your mental, emotional, and financial well-being so that appropriate changes can more readily be made by the stakeholders. Call it simple. Call it the long forgotten or perhaps unknown ‘good-old fashioned way’.  Call it what you will, but it works. And it starts to work immediately, although it may take a few months or so to really get things in order.

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