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The Human Side of Individual and Family Financial Wellness

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Tunabudget IS the "human side of individual and family financial wellness." Tunabudget IS NOT a show or for entertainment. It's here to offer genuine, well-meaning solutions to issues that affect one's financial wellbeing. 


Tunabudget Worksheet Plan - The Tunabudget Worksheet Plan is simple, exceptionally powerful, and life changing. It's free, personal, and extremely effective. Your plan will enable you (and your spouse) to see what changes you'll need to be making, unleashing the power and excitement of your own solutions. Your life, your marriage, your family, are set to become stable and improve as you adequately manage your personal finances. If needed, your plan can be used with creditors when debt repayments need to be renegotiated (and they will).


Candid Conversation Memos (CCMs) - The Tunabudget podcast platform has dozens of CCMs, passionately prepared from someone's heart, not from the brain of a know-it-all expert on TV, celebrity, PH.D., or machine. (never will allow that to happen). Tunabudget is a safe place to learn from your friends, even anonymously. Only 'genuinely intentioned' CCMs will be posted and podcasted. So, whether you're an interested reader, listener, or would like to submit your own CCM or recommend a new CCM topic, here's a sincere welcome to you to the Tunabudget family - welcome, we are so glad you're here.


The Debt Crisis Problem - There is a crisis brewing that few are willing to talk about. There will soon be an overwhelming and unsustainable debt load crisis. Learn and pay close attention to the potential impact of 20+ risk events that will only add fuel to a debt crisis and severe economic downturn. What is missing and vitally needed is a robust public discussion on the debt crisis problem. People need to wake up and realize what is happening, and what is likely to happen (nothing is going to stop it). They can then apply a little common-sense to reposition and better prepare their financial situation and outlook. We ask that you engage in the discussion (healthy debate) by preparing your own CCM on a topic you're passionate about. We urgently need to raise the level of awareness of the serious debt crisis problem we all now face.


Subscribe / Notices - To actively participate with, please subscribe. We invite you into the Tunabudget family of friends. For those that want to share their passion and contribute their own CCM's, or new CCM topics, to (see section below), please be sincere, caring and respectful. We're so glad you're here!  


Free E-books - If you're looking for a little common-sense from the 'average person' out there, from people that genuinely care, you've come to the right place. 

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National Debt

Consumer Debt

Deficit Spending

Debt Crisis


High Interest Rates

US Government Default

Banking System

Geopolitical Tension

Global Supply Chain

Political Polarization

Terrorist Attacks

Housing Insecurity

Energy Security

Natural Disasters

Public Health/Well-being

Cyber Security

Inequality in Wealth and Income

Labor Market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / New 



The Benefits and Process (The WHY)

Dealing with Creditors (Negotiating a Workout in Good Faith)

The Mechanics (The HOW)


CCMs – The Individual

Personal Debt Crisis – The Crushing Burden of Heavy Debt

Student Debt – Wise Up

Bankruptcy – Your Promise to Pay

Employment - Skills and Passion to Increase Income

Hectic Life – The Great Rat Race


CCMs – The Family

Residence – Can or Should You Afford It?

Money Between Family Members – There is a Better Way

Adult Children Dependency – Support by Senior Parents

Baby Sitting – Child Care for Grand Children

Elderly Care – Wealth Transfer

Retirement – Opportunity, Survival, or Waste of Time

Estate Money – To Siblings and Grandchildren


CCMs – The Spouse

Divorce – Taking Responsibility. Short/Long Term Effects on

   Children and Adults

Put Your Wife First – Avoid the ‘Divorce Cliff’

She Should Decide the Major Money Decisions – Get Yourself Out 

   of That Spending Lane


CCMs – Attitudes, Choices, Beliefs

Thankfulness – Hands Down Success

Change is Beautiful and Good – Changing from the Inside/Out

Coveting – Shut it Down, Shut it Down

Forgiveness – Still on the One-Yard Line of Life?

Stuff – Way too Much; Share It Away

Adversity – Sink or Swim

Good Health Choices – Diet, Exercise, Sleep

Caring for Others – Look Around and Do a Little “Good”

Caring for the Poor and Needy

Religious Contributions – Go All In


CCMs – Addictions; “You Choosing to Use” Risks

Smoking and Tobacco Use

Alcohol Use

Marijuana Use

Addictive Drug Use

Gambling Use

Pornography Use

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