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Health (Bad, Destructive) Habits – Quick/Cheap Cure Possible?

Smoking, drinking, drugs, pornography, gambling

Addictions, so, what are they? Smoking, drinking, drug abuse, pornography, and gambling? Who for a second doesn’t really believe that these things are nothing more than short-term flings of pleasure? Who doesn’t really believe that these things will eventually destroy the human body, the spirit within, marriages, employer, and family relationships? And your financial well-being? Most people, if they’re honest (and even those who are caught up in these additions), know this is true. Tunabudget believes no one truly wants to be destroyed by bad destructive habits and have poor health. Think about it.

Destroy the human body and spirit within, including marriages and family relationships

Is being addicted really all that fun once you’re wrapped up in its chains - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically? Most people who experience these destructive substances, unless stopped, may develop poor habits and become addicted, may ultimately lead to ruin, despair, loneliness, sickness, divorce, and possibly premature death. They certainly have a destructive effect on the budget, that’s for sure. How does one escape from these addictions? Surely, no one really wants to be enslaved; just ask anyone who is enslaved.

Changing the heart from the inside – out

One way, possibly, is to find a way to change your heart and mind from the inside of your soul; call it heavenly or divine help if you’re so inclined; if not, call it whatever you want. What sources of help are out there, and to which you might go? Your religious teachings? Tunabudget believes there are effective resources and programs to address addictive circumstances, including an inspired book of scripture that will lead to this change of heart, mind, and recovery. Have you prayerfully and earnestly read the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ? If you do this, you may eventually never smoke, drink, do drugs, view pornography, or gamble again. Of course, you need not belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to get the Book of Mormon and read it for yourself. The book is available online in many languages (audio too) at Hard copies are also available for free. Many people have experienced improved health and well-being after earnestly reading this book. Are you willing to check it out in the privacy of your own home?

Are you addicted?

It sounds like an all-too-good simple and inexpensive means to a solution for very serious problems, right? Try what resources you will, but if you’re addicted, why not give this a try? If desired, you can humble yourself, prayerfully and earnestly read the Book of Mormon, and see if you become a changed person, from the inside, out. If you or someone you know is afflicted with these health and budget-busting addictions, know that you have everything to gain, and you may very well lose those addictive and destructive habits once and for all – and quicker than you realize. And your financial well-being will likely improve too, as much as possible.

You will get what you want, even if it hurts you and your budget

Regardless of the resources to help you overcome addictions, if you’re in denial regarding these destructive addictions and habits, imagine how you would feel if you saw your addicted son or daughter smoking, drinking, abusing drugs, using pornography and gambling – all at the same time. Are you still in denial of the destructive power of these things? Actually, you really knew all along that these addictions will ultimately destroy people, right? They’re simply not good, and being enslaved is not necessary. So, if you really desire to be free from addictions, then that’s a great place to get started – a sincere desire to do so. So, then, fix it. Take Tunabudget’s sincere challenge and fix it sooner rather than later. Seek out additional help too.

Tunabudget actively seeks out extraordinary resources to share and help solve addiction problems, and recognizes that there are likely many other wonderful and effective programs and ways to overcome addictions. That said, and going back to the point about being addicted, if you don’t think you’re addicted to any of these things, ask if you could stop using or doing these habits today, tomorrow, for the rest of the year, or forever? If not, are you then not addicted? Do you even want to try? Surely, you will get what your heart desires, but remember the invitation; it’s basically free. You will get what you want in the end, but you won’t be able to choose the consequences of your choices. Good luck, as every day counts. Get your health back and restore your financial well-being today like it should be.


  • Are you a humble person, and willing to change? Will you want to change, some day? If so, why not now?

  • How much health and financial well-being will it cost you before you try something new and as simple as humbly reading a book of scripture?

  • Can there be a permanent fix that is basically simple and free? A real change from within?

  • If you are able to overcome these addictions, will you share your story with others?

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